this is not a love song

Mixed media installation – Cheapart, Athens, May 2012

this is not a love song – programme notes

soundtrack by opera di bestia



installation views




the Artist, fountain of reflected light
mirrors, fabric, vinyl, fur, collar, swivel mechanism, pedestal, light



plugged in
light box, fur




la Mariée mise à nu par sa lumiere noire, m’aime
(the Bride stripped by her black light, loves me)
cloth, wire, wheel, string, pegs, ostrich feathers, shower cables, UV light bulbs, oval frame, video projection




ask Alice
wood, cardboard, color cycling illuminated rabbit-toy, maze drawing on mirror foiled plastic, drain, red light



it’s all in the mind
cardboard box, strobe light



alice and the artist


Photos from the exhibition opening (by Aris Roupinas)


Video from the exhibition